Are you Interview Ready?


Hey! It’s that time of the year again. The fun of college life will soon come to an end and you’ll be pushed into the professional world. You know the company you wish to work for and the job opportunity is knocking at your door, but are you ready to answer ‘the interview’?nail-your-next-job-interview

Being nervous and getting cold feet is natural as you’re entering a foreign territory, literally. But being prepared for what lies ahead and anticipating situations is what students must do before going for a job interview. Here are a few tips to be interview ready:

  1. Write an awesome resume:  A resume is a document consisting of your career objective, educational qualifications, core skills, hobbies, passions, professional expertise and your personal details. Today students also create a video resume of themselves depending on the company they are applying for. It is absolutely necessary to you remain truthful to the T and not include fake information or flowery language just to impress the interviewer.
  2. Get an organizer: Make sure you have those sleek-looking black file organizers to carry to the interview. It will make sure all your documents are arranged in a proper sequence. You don’t want to add to your nervousness by flicking through documents just to find one which the interviewer has asked for.
  3. Groom yourself: All the guys out there, you make look dapper in your no-shave November beard but that’s not going to help impress your prospective boss. Always sport a clean-shaven look with well-combed hair. This just go to show that you like to maintain yourself on a daily basis. A well-ironed shirt, preferably in shades of blue and white with a pair of black trousers (not denim!) always work well. Footwear is equally important. Closed toe, polished black formal shoes are a must.    For the ladies, do not cake yourself with too much make-up, just doesn’t work. Also wear either a transparent nail-enamel or a nude or red nail polish. Please do not opt for the hot pink or neon colors. You don’t want to blind your boss, do you! As for attire, you could opt for a formal shirt preferably in shades of white, blue along with a formal skirt or trousers. Make sure the shirt is not too short or too transparent. You don’t want to give anyone a bad first impression.
  4. Company Information: When you apply for a job at a firm, make sure that you know everything about the company. Imagine yourself in a situation where the interviewer asks you about the founder of the company and you end up staring blank at his face. There goes your job!
  5. Be Confident and Honest: Don’t fake information about yourself. Do not agree to all the conditions that the interviewer sets. You are entitled to be open and share what your requirements are. Interviewers appreciate individuals who question rather than nod to everything they say.




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