Today’s Ad – WWF Burning Elephant

The basic purpose of advertising is to sell goods or services. It also aims at promoting a social message. Advertising helps to bring about a change in the society by raising awareness about burning issues. This ad does exactly that.


What you see in the above picture is an advertisement created for WWF which stands for Worldwide Fund for Nature. WWF is an international non-governmental organisation that strives to conserve wildlife and protect the endangered species.

Ad Brief: This is a print ad which wishes to convey the grueling consequences of wildfire that occurs in Indonesia. When wildfires occur, it ends up destroying everything in its path, including animals. If you look closely, the burnt trees are graphically structured in such a way as to depict the carcass of an elephant that has died due to wildfire.

Tagline: We lose more than just trees. Help prevent forest fires. The tagline is crisp and succinct. It helps to deliver the message without the use of complicated or flowery words.

Design: The designers have created a morbid picture which depicts death and destruction. The color of the grey smoke along with burning embers makes it look all the more real. It helps in bringing about the viewer’s emotional side too.

For further reading, visit the website:

Do feel free to add in your comments on the analysis. A fresh perspective is always welcome!


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