Slaves of Time

via Daily Prompt: Timely

Close your eyes and be absolutely still. All you can imagine is a pitch black canvas and the sound of your own breath keeping you alive. And then there’s one element that’s in continuous motion, never pausing or stopping for anyone. Time or Samay as we call it in Hindi waits for nobody.

And it’s our job to keep up with time. Match every ticking sound of the clock with our inertia. So bound are we by time. Here the question arises, are we slaves of time? Does the need to be “timely” with every aspect of life’s journey need to be so significant that we forget to actually appreciate the fact that we are alive?

Let take up a few situations in life to understand “timeliness” better. From the time we inhale the first ounce of oxygen until the time we perish, we have set our life according to boundaries of time. From the time we attend school at 3 till the time we get a successful job at 30, all that we’re doing is having a timely life and not actually living. As the saying goes, we are existing, not living. This holds absolutely true today.

We have become so busy in our daily routine, that we forget to live in the moment. Maybe you haven’t found the right job or haven’t found the right life partner and time’s just not on your side. You see how we have set these boundaries of time for ourselves? We have stopped living in the present, in the NOW.

Just sit still and breath. Feel that breath circulate through every inch of your body. Feel it refresh every cell within you. You’re alive now. Being timely is not everything that your world revolves around. Time stops for you when you’re calm. Helps you to think better. Do good deeds. Feel better about yourself. And at this very moment, you’ll realize that life’s so much more than just timelines and timeliness.

Everyone banters about life being a race. It definitely is. But it’s your race. You’re the only player. With time, set realistic goals, move at your pace with an aura of calm. In no way am I implying that we need to slow down and be lazy. We all just need to live each moment to the fullest and live a life that’s worth it.



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