Fear of Fat

Before the hello’s and hi’s and the perfect intro to this blog post, I would ask you to do something. Something for yourself. Go fetch a mirror. Whether it’s your bathroom mirror or your bedroom one or even the front camera of your phone. Please, I urge you to. 

When was the last time you looked in the mirror, admired your reflection and said thank you to the body your blessed with? When was the last time you smiled the brightest showing your sparkling white teeth and actually appreciated that beautiful one in a million smile? When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back, blew yourself a flying kiss and said to yourself ‘You look lovely today!’? How long has it been since you appreciated those imperfect curves that makes you, YOU? Well it’s time to do it. Just give yourself the tightest hug and tell your body, ‘ I love you’. 

We live in a world flooded by what the ideal body shape should be that women today run to fitness centres and follow crash diets to attain the so called ‘perfect shape’. We buy body shapers to tuck in that extra fat popping from our love handles in the fear of being called FAT. We drink all kinds of detox concoctions and Google out the ‘ 10 best ways to lose weight quickly’ in the hope that we might look like the Instagram stars we follow so dearly.

I agree we need to be healthy and monitor cholesterol and all other possible health hazards but not at the cost of constant concern of being dissatisfied with your body. We have littled our body so much to an extent that we choose to describe our bodies with numbers rather than words such as voluptuous, curvaceous, sexy , attractive and beautiful. We need to stop mentally body shamming ourselves and just be happy with what we’ve been given. And for a little more inspiration, I’m posting a TED Talk by Kelli Jean Drinkwater who has been my motivation for this post. Enjoy! 

TED TALK- The Fear of Fat by Kelli Jean Drinkwater


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