Daily Prompt: Stylish



When we speak of Indian women, a montage of vibrant fabric and intricately decorated and ornamented pictures flash by. And when we speak of any kind of Indian clothing, Sari is the first thing that pops in your mind. Incredible India with its incredible cultures has given birth to so many different styles of clothing, and Sari is the best creation of them all.

The word Sari, derived from the Sanskrit scriptures, means a strip of cloth that covers the female bodice. Whether it’s the famous drape of 5 yards or the typical Maharashtrian 9 yards navvari, every single design has a beauty of its own. Style, elegance, and grace are what quite perfectly describe the gorgeous Indian Sari.

The word style is more often than not, synonymous with the western culture and the kind of attire worn by the women in Hollywood. Long flowy gowns, furry jackets, strapless tops, hot pants, and the list goes on. These are trends to be followed and styles to be worn from time to time. And yes, I can proudly say, Indian women can carry these styles with panache. Our Bollywood actresses are living proof of it. Not to forget, our badass Priyanka Chopra, who’s rocking it in Hollywood.

But, nothing amplifies the beauty of the Indian woman more than a Sari. Styles spanning thousands of designs, ranging from the typical crimson red Benarasi wedding sari adorned by every bride on her special day to the simple yet elegant handloom sari from Bengal, to the heavy Kanjeevaram Silk Sari from South India, each sari is handcrafted with love to adorn the beautiful Indian woman. Award winning designer from Bengal, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, with his label “Sabyasachi” is getting saris in vogue. Famous for his intricate beaded and sequential work on the quintessential sari, his designer saris are the perfect fit for modern Indian women who wish to look stylish yet traditional.

And the best part, it’s the most body flattering piece of clothing, showing just the right amount of skin. According to me, a Sari is the most seductive yet elegant attire for any woman, anywhere in the world. And when paired with some mirrored jhumkas and a red Bindi, the woman is just a goddess to look at. Sari, the beautiful flowing drape, is the most unforgettable, stylish and a must-have in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. In a Sari, you just can’t go wrong!


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